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F r i e n d l y,   p a t i e n t   a n d   p r o f e s s i o n a l


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Computers are everywhere. They keep us connected with our family, friends, work and our local communities.

Everyone can learn how to use a computer (or tablet or smartphone). Let me show you how.
Online and face-to-face.



Microsoft Office

    Office includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Some versions even include Outlook. Do you want to learn how to use Excel spreadsheets, or how to create a poster in…

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Zoom and Teams

    Due to the pandemic, we all had to move to a digital solution to communicate with family, friends and at work using video calling software. Zoom is a…

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Smartphones and Tablets

    Smart devices Apple (iPads or iPhones) as well as Android systems offer some great (and monstly free) apps which can enrich our lives, nourish our hobbies and make…

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Internet and Email

    I can show you how to use web browsers and email software safely and more efficiently. I show you how to avoid Spam, how to create an email…

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“Very well organised, she has a very professional approach and is extremely knowledgeable. Extremely patient and very encouraging. I have learnt so much. I would to so far as to say she is unique in her dedication and so is her integrity and honesty. My only complaint would be that the lessons go too quickly.”

J. S. from Shoreham – December 2020

“I can now use my laptop and phone with confidence. My lessons have changed my life in many ways as I can offer help to others. I have learnt how to use Zoom during lockdown and can connect with people from all over the world.”

M. H. from Chichester – September 2020

“I have been turned from a frustrated amateur to a competent person using basic Zoom in just 2 hours.”

G. E. from Oakley – November 2020


Computer Lesson Teacher

After working in various IT specialist roles for 20 years, I decided to qualified as a teacher which allowed me to teach IT after starting a family.

I have been working at Aspire Sussex for 5 years.  I teach IT,  create IT courses and deliver IT training in companies.

Over the years, I have developed my own method and have a proven track record in teaching computer devices at all levels and age groups.


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Computer Lessons
West Sussex

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